More than $10,000,000 raised for people with disability

Your support makes an immediate impact.

The money you raise for the Great Endeavour Rally goes towards providing choices, opportunities and personalised support for people with disability in local communities across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Evangel attends our Learning & Lifestyle centre in Kingston where she’s able to meet new people and develop the skills she needs to live her best life.

“I need to have variety, to be active, have a vibrant social life and do creative activities and thankfully we do all of those and more at Endeavour Foundation.”

Emma made the move from open employment in an office to supported employment with Endeavour Foundation. She believes in inclusion.

“If I could give some advice to the people who are reading this who don’t have a disability, it would be that we want to be included. We don’t want to be segregated. We want to get out there and be part of it.”

James attends our Learning & Lifestyle centre in Coopers Plains and loves making people laugh.

“People see me as a funny man but it’s important that people know I am kind and helpful too. I use my humour to help people and I like to help people out, cause that’s what you do.”

You can see how James was able to use the VR funded by last year’s rally to learn new skills in the video below.

The difference it makes

With new technology comes new opportunities to make possibilities a reality. Thanks to the incredible support from our 2018 fundraisers, we were able to invest in virtual reality equipment. By the end of November 34 sites will have VR all thanks to our amazing fundraisers.

Service delivery manager, Alison Wright explains why it’s so important: "It is a very different way to learn skills, instead of putting our clients in potentially risky situations they are in a controlled environment. When they put the Oculus Rift headset on they are taken into a different reality, a safe one which can help them cope with the world.”

One of the activities includes crossing a busy street in Toowoomba and using an ATM to withdraw money. For many people, tasks like this can be overwhelming and confusing. A busy street poses so many hazards when you’re not familiar with the environment but through virtual reality, our customers can experience what it’s going to be like without those very real dangers.